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LatestFire FightingSystems

Aerosol fire extinguishing systems

Fire safety

NUST aerosol generators are highly efficient and environmentally friendly .

The NUST fire extinguishing system is unique and safe : it is not under pressure and does not affect oxygen levels. Our systems are non-toxic and easily adaptable to any existing fire alarm and warning system.

Our fire extinguishing systems friendly to humans and the environment.

How systems work


Production areas

Using by security services

Country rest

Warehouse, storages

Administration buildings

Garages, covered and multilevel parking lots

Research and academic labs

Heating, industrial, and combined boiler plants

Intended use (fire class)

Class A

Combustible solids, no afterglow (wood, paper, etc.)

Combustible solids with afterglow (rubber resin, polymers, etc.)

Class B

Water insoluble combustible liquids (gasoline, oil products, etc.)

Water soluble combustible liquids (spirit, acetone, glycerin, etc.)

Class E

Fires in up to 40 kV electrical installations.

Class F

Fires including vegetable oils, lubricants, fats and oils.


Highly efficient in any conditions

The aerosol we use offers the highest fire suppression ability as compared to other fire smothering methods.


The system is maintenance-free (no need to recharge or shake the equipment), so the maintenance cost is zero.

They are not toxic and do not replace oxygen

The aerosol propellant is non-toxic in its rated concentration, and does not replace oxygen. It is safe for humans.


The systems are highly efficient when other fire suppression tools cannot be used: in switchboard rooms, utility-free rooms, arid regions, etc.


Our efficient fire extinguishing systems are more affordable compared to other equipment.

No Explosion Hazard

The aerosol fire extinguishing systems do not contain any pressurized components and are explosion hazard-free.

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