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NUST – Aerosol fire extinguishing systems from the manufacturer
Reliable protection of your property and life! 10 years warranty.

Environmental Safety

NUST aerosol systems are highly efficient and environmentally friendly. Extinguishing aerosol generators are unique because they are not under pressure and do not affect the oxygen level in the room when triggered. NUST systems are non-toxic and easily adaptable to any existing fire alarm and warning system. Our firefighting systems are people and environment friendly.

How it works

Aerosol fire extinguishing systems suppress fire with the help of finely divided solid aerosol particles. Fire extinguishing aerosol fills the room and inhibits chain reactions in the flame, thereby reducing heat generation. Within 30-50 minutes after activation of the system, the aerosol is suspended in the air, maintaining its extinguishing concentration and preventing re-ignition.

Fields of application

Production area

Use by security services

Country holiday


Administrative buildings

Garages, indoor and multi-level parking lots

Research and Academic Laboratories

Heating, industrial and combined boiler rooms


Army and defense industry

Port and Maritime Industry


Appointment (fire class)

Class A

Combustion of solids that do not smolder (plastic, wood, paper, etc.)

Combustion of solids accompanied by smoldering (coal, textiles, rubber resins, polymers, etc.)

Class B

Water-insoluble flammable liquids (gasoline, petroleum products, etc.)

Water-soluble flammable liquids (alcohol, acetone, glycerin, etc.)

Class E

Starts electrical installations up to 40 kV.

Class F

Fires, including vegetable oils, lubricants, fats and oils.


High performance in all conditions.

Aerosol, which is part of our systems, has the greatest fire extinguishing ability compared to other means of volumetric fire extinguishing.

Lack of compulsory maintenance

It does not require maintenance (there is no need to recharge and shake the equipment) and, as a result, the absence of operating costs.

Non-toxic and oxygen-free.

The composition used in the aerosol forming charge is not toxic at working concentrations and does not absorb oxygen, which makes it safe for the human body.


Generators effectively cope with the task in conditions where it is impossible to use other methods of fighting fire: in switchboard rooms, rooms without utility networks, waterless areas, etc.


Compared to other types of fire extinguishing devices, GOA minimize customer costs for the implementation of an effective fire extinguishing system.

Not explosive

GOA do not contain substances under pressure, respectively, they themselves are not explosive.

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