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Products NUST

Fire extinguishing aerosol generators not requiring
of service. Efficient, cost-effective and
are safe for humans and the environment.

Aerosol firefighting systems

The quality of products meets the level of world standards. NUST extinguishing systems can be easily adapted to the specific requirements of each protected object, regardless of the operating conditions. ACT fire extinguishing aerosol generators provide high-quality, personalized and advanced safety solutions in all industries.

We offer you several types of fire extinguishing aerosol generator: Stationary, those that are installed to protect the object, stationary. Mobile, i.e. portable and manual.



Portable / manual aerosol fire extinguishing systems.


A number of stationary and automotive aerosol fire extinguishing systems.


Portable aerosol fire extinguishing systems.

We work all over the world.

We are trusted by the best companies in the world.